Remote Keyless Entry vs Keyless Entry: What’s the Difference?

Getting into your car is sometimes a hassle when you have to be rummaging through your pockets or your purse in order to find your keys. On top of that if you don’t have a remote, you also have to fumble with getting the key into the keyhole, etc.

However, more modern cars have started to release with more advanced key systems that allow for keyless entry; suddenly you no longer need to even get the key out of your pocket. The only issue, though, is that there is jargon that is often thrown around in promotional and marketing materials that sound similar, but are actually quite different. Two of these terms are remote keyless entry and keyless entry. So if you are looking for a brand new car, or you are looking to upgrade your existing car. You need to know about the difference between Keyless Entry and Remote Keyless Entry. And you might as well learn about Passive Keyless Entry as well.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry car kit systems are a more simplified version of the two types. With a keyless entry system, you don’t need to pull out your key to enter your car. Instead, you’ll have some other method of security directly on the door of your car. This can come in the form of a keypad, a card, a key fob reader, a touchscreen, or a fingerprint scanner. While some of these are very rare on cars these days, the keypad has been an option for many vehicles for decades now. As a precaution, there is almost always a backup keyhole for your conventional key in case of electrical malfunction, or in case your battery has died.

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Remote Keyless Entry

A remote keyless entry car kit doesn’t rely on a physical button in order to get into your vehicle. But instead it has a sensor that detects your remote keyless key fob within a certain range of your vehicle. It then unlocks once you touch the door handle, but only while the key is nearby. Remote keyless entry cars also often allow for remote starting, as long as the remote key fob is within a short distance of the vehicle. Remote keyless communications are done through encrypted radio signals. And you can get this done either through short range radio to a remote key fob in your pocket. Or it can be hooked up to a smartphone system and can actually be controlled from anywhere in the world.

The Differences

When trying to decide between the two, there are three main differences. For keyless, you have to have physical proximity with the vehicle. With remote, you may be able to gain access from great distances. Keyless entry systems almost always have a conventional key backup, while remote keyless entry systems may not. Keyless entry systems are only limited to locking and unlocking the door. But remote keyless entry systems may be able to start the vehicle and access some other functionalities.

Which one should you get?

Deciding which system you want to get may all come down to preferences and cost. Keyless entry and Remote keyless entry car kits are more expensive than the conventional key security locks. And remote keyless being the most expensive of the options. However, remote keyless entry does come with extra features you may find you want.

What is a Passive Keyless Entry?

Passive Keyless Entry system does just what the name stands for. You do NOT need to press any buttons when walk up or walk away from your vehicle. Everything happens automatically, all based on your proximity.

Why you may ask? Because you deserve to have a convenience to unlock your car before you touch a handle, walk away to lock it, turn your light as you approach. Or activating any other 10 electronic accessories based on your proximity. That’s why VAIS Technology developed the award-winning Smart Entry-Exit Recognition (SEER) system that equips virtually any model vehicle with sophisticated passive keyless entry technology.

Typically you need to jump to mid or high level trim level in order to get passive keyless entry. Or you have an older vehicle that you would like to add this technology to.

Interested in installing a Passive Keyless Entry car kit into your vehicle or want to learn more about it. Check out SEER kit engineered and manufactured by VAIS Technology.

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2024-05-14 21:40:36