Keyless Entry System for Classic Cars: What You Need to Know

Why add Keyless Entry System to your car? Have you ever left your vehicle parked somewhere, and then discovered it’s unlocked? We’ve all done this before. Although there has been a decisive decline in automobile theft since legislators an immobilizer device standard. This technology does not prevent thieves from accessing a victim’s belongings stored inside the vehicle. It only prevents the vehicle itself from being mobile. So, whenever one’s vehicle is left unlocked, you won’t have to worry about it being broken into. But you will have to worry about losing your wallet, keys, groceries, or whatever else you may have in your car. Not to mention, if your car predates the immobilizer, your car is a lot less safe than legislation can stipulate. Installing keyless entry systems for cars can help.

Don’t worry about forgetting to lock your doors anymore

It isn’t uncommon for people to forget to lock their vehicle. Maybe your hands were full juggling groceries or squirmy kids. Or you thought it was parked in a safe place. Or you were planning to come right back to your car but got side tracked.

classic muscle car with SEER installed

It’s also really easy to forget when the act of locking and unlocking a vehicle, for non-classic cars, is so quick and convenient—you just have to push a tiny button. It has become such a reflex action that drivers often forget if they locked it or not. Which means they forgot to lock it. Now add to that mix the fact that, with classics, you have to remember to lock your doors the old fashioned way.

How passive keyless entry systems for cars can help

Some car accessory manufactures have sought to solve this problem by improving the current keyless entry system for cars by removing the button pushing step. And do lock and unlock automatically. When the keys detected within vehicle’s proximity range.

Let’s say you are exhibiting your car at a car show. Instead of having to remember to lock your doors every time you step away from the car and unlock them when you want to show someone a cool feature on the interior. Your car’s keyless entry system will lock the vehicle automatically once you step outside the transmission range. Afterwards, when you re-enter the range of your vehicle, it will detect that the key fob is within transmission range and will unlock the doors automatically. Essentially, any time the keys are within close range of the vehicle, its doors will automatically unlock. The minute the keys step outside that preset close range, the doors will automatically lock and stay locked until the keys are back within range.

Will a passive keyless entry system ruin the look of my classic car?

Not at all! New and advanced keyless entry systems for cars are installed without damaging your classic car features. Or interfering with the classsic car look. Visit our catalogue to take a look at what the latest technology can mean for the safety of your classic car. Check our website for more information.

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2023-11-30 16:19:12