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Hyundai and Kia models are likely to be stolen

According to a recent article by MSN, nearly 80% of compromised Kias and Hyundais still lack software upgrades that would protect them from being stolen. In addition, the Highway Loss Data Institute has confirmed that 2015-2019 Hyundai and Kia models are roughly twice as likely to be stolen as other vehicles of similar age. In September 2023, Hyundai and […]

Car Interior Lights from VAIS Technology

Car Interior lights is a tricky challenge. Your solution needs to ensure the safety of people getting in and out of your car and the ability to see and find things you may drop while driving. To do it safely you need an interior ambient light that will provide enough light, but not too much […]

SEER-Enabled Proximity Alarm Sensor: Car Security Under Any Circumstances

The best answer to theft or vandalism to your car is prevention. Before the bad actor gets close enough to your prized possession, you want to warn them away and make sure they don’t come back. This is what you get when you add the Car Alarm Proximity Sensor option to your feature-rich, SEER-enabled system […]

Proximity Door Handle For RAM Truck Loyalists

The community of RAM and JEEP loyalists out there can rest easy when it comes to the security and convenience of their Ram trucks or Jeeps. VAIS Technology helps ensure the safety and security of your ride for both you and your loved ones with our SEER module. If you are looking for Ram Proximity […]

Customize your Jeep with Passive Keyless Entry

Whether your Jeep is for off-roading, cruising through the snow, or hauling your camping trailer, boat or dune buggy, it is a point of pride for you. Let’s not forget the off-season, too. It serves double duty, carting the kids to school and sports practice, and as a grocery getter. But withouth Passive Entry it […]

Ford Aftermarket Accessories | VAIS Technology

Customize Your Ride With Ford Aftermarket Accessories There’s no one quite like you. You’re bold, rugged, daring, and ready for adventure, which is why you chose a Ford to kick off your travels. For years now, your trusty Ford has been bringing you on dependable treks, but it may be time for an upgrade. If […]

Push Start Button Kit Designed for Classic Cars, Works with Many.

The Push Button Start Kit from VAIS Technology is a keyless ignition switch with passive keyless entry. It is the perfect addition to any classic car, or any ride, for that matter. Whether you own a vintage muscle car or carefully researched, found, and purchased a more recent model, one that has been treated with […]

Five Great Reasons to Add Passive Keyless Entry Kit to your daily driver.

Introduction to SEER – Passive Keyless Entry System. You deserve to have a convenience to unlock your car before you touch a handle, walk away to lock it, turn your light as you approach. Or activating any other 10 electronic accessories based on your proximity. That’s why VAIS Technology developed the award-winning Smart Entry-Exit Recognition […]

Car Ambient Lighting Done Right

There are no shortage of Car Ambient Lights solutions these days. You can find them online: cheap, cruddy and disposable. The word “janky” was invented for just these kind of setups. But where do you find quality ambient ambient car lighting that you’ll enjoy for years to come? VAIS Technology, of course. We have car […]


Today’s technology is very much about convenience. When adding convenience, it’s important we don’t sacrifice safety and security. We are VAIS took all that into consideration and delivered a future of the Passive Keyless Entry Do you enjoy having a car unlock when you approach? Have you ever felt uncomfortable in the dark parking lots? […]

Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry Car Kit

Technology moves at blazing speeds when it is being applied to almost any industry, and the automotive industry loves to include new features as soon as they are technically possible. Keyless entry for cars has been a technology around for a while, however not every vehicle has access to it from the lot. Keyless entry […]

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