Car Interior Lights from VAIS Technology

Car Interior lights is a tricky challenge. Your solution needs to ensure the safety of people getting in and out of your car and the ability to see and find things you may drop while driving. To do it safely you need an interior ambient light that will provide enough light, but not too much to endanger your driving.

VAIS Technology, the industry leader in automotive security and convenience systems, has your answer.

Now You Have a Quality Solution to Car Interior Lighting

You can achieve the perfect mix of lighting practicality and the coolness of RGBW – red, green, blue, white – LED lights when you install LED illumination in your car through fiber optic based ambient interior lights from VAIS Technology.

The illumination is distributed through fiber optic cables that you can custom position in your car’s interior. As a result the LED source is in the electronic control unit, discreetly located under the shifter area. And because it is the soft light of an LED, the driver maintains their vision of the car interior at nighttime. Gets in and out safely, makeing sure they have everything when they get out or look for a dropped item.

App-Controlled Interior Lights for Your Car

Use VAIS Technology app to select any color of your choice. So you can change moods in an instant. A few suggestions for lighting include the two front footwells, the two rear footwells, one in the center console, and one in the cup holder. Or use your imagination! Flexible fiber optic cables mean you can light even the tightest areas in your car.

Own a truck or a Jeep? Light up any area you need and don’t worry about dirt or moisture. Since we use fiber optic cables to pass the light, the output side is completely waterproof.

The system comes with six light sources, each conveyed through a 39-inch fiber-optic cable. And these are RGBW LED sources with two inputs for triggering (dome lights for entry / exit light and headlights for interior ambient lighting) and a compact electronic control unit (ECU). Add it up, and everything comes to just one pound. Each component is designed to automotive grade and passed automotive grade lab testing. It works the first time, and it works every time.

Multiple Applications

Car owners can add this car interior LED light system to their car or truck, but they have applications well beyond that. Taxi cab or Commercial companies can add them to their fleet. Giving their cars a cleaner look and increasing driver safety. VAIS Technology has also received comments from rideshare drivers reporting increased tips from the evening crowds when they see what lengths their driver has gone to give them a quality ride experience.

Car Interior LED Lights From VAIS Technology Are a Winner

Our ambient interior lighting system was a runner-up for the Best New Mobile Electronics Product at the 2021 SEMA Show. A top honor in the automotive aftermarket. You can’t get a better endorsement.

In conclusion, all of our products are engineered in-house to OEM standards. VAIS Technology supplies its products to car manufacturers and have dealers spread throughout the country. Dealers are ready to install these products with precision and care. Therefore you are getting a quality product that performs to the most stringent requirements and performs every time.  Contact a dealer and upgrade your car today!

Contact VAIS Technology today to learn about our amazing line of OEM-grade products to add security, convenience, and appearance of your car.

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