About Us

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VAIS Technology was founded in 2003, at a time when vehicle technology was evolving. We have a passion for both automobiles and technology, so our goal is to provide consumers with tech features that automakers haven’t yet embraced or have implemented only on higher trim packages.

In 2004, VAIS Technology pioneered iPod and SiriusXM® integration into factory Toyota and Lexus radios. VAIS also developed USB music streaming, iPhone/Android phone mirroring, and Navigation/Video Unlock bypasses.

Currently our products are:

The complete line of VAIS products is designed in-house to meet OEM spec requirements and to ensure one of the lowest defect rates in the industry. Every single product is bench-tested before it’s shipped to deliver the ultimate experience to both dealers and end users. We proudly serve as an aftermarket and OEM supplier, offering desirable vehicle enhancement products for consumers.


VAIS Technology is a SEMA Member

VAIS products are offered at car dealerships, 12V expeditors, and mobile electronics installation shops. We also make our products accessible to DIYers who have the expertise to install the product on their own. We’re proud to offer great customer service and expert technical support to guarantee correct product fitment.

Since 2003, we’ve grown to offer our products to over 2,000 dealers and have our products available at over 30 stocking distribution warehouses in North America.

Today, VAIS Technology continues to keep pace with the demand for cutting-edge technology while delivering the high-quality products our customers have come to expect. We believe that, with our talented in-house engineering resources, we can match OEM quality, create user-friendly products, and release products to the marketplace when they’re most desired.