What are the Various Types of Vehicle Security Systems?

Car security is important for every vehicle. As prices rise and classic cars get rarer, it’s important that we protect our vehicles with security systems that are easy, convenient and, most importantly, effective. But which system should you choose? Today, we break down the different types of security systems available, and how to pick the right security and vehicle locking system for your vehicle.

Type 1: Passive Security

Passive security systems are those that do not require arming. They instead are activated through mechanisms that occur without you needing to remember. This can include proximity arming of a vehicle locking system, which happens when a transponder leaves a certain vicinity, or after you close all the doors or timed after the engine turns off. Regardless, a passive system remembers to arm your security system without you thinking about it.

Type 2: Active Security

Active security systems put you in control of arming and disarming the security system. This is often done through a button attached to your keys or on the car keys themselves. Active systems are best for people who want security to be up to them or in instances where accountability for vehicle security is important.

thief using small crowbar on car door

Type 3: Alarms

Alarms come in two broad categories: audible and silent. Audible alarms go off and can be heard by anyone around. Silent ones notify someone (either the owner or a security company) that the vehicle is experiencing a security issue. Many alarms can now incorporate both of these features to draw attention to the vehicle in the moment and notify a relevant party.

One of the amazing advances in alarms in the past few years, and one that you can easily use with the SEER system by VAIS Technology, is a proximity warning alarm. This sounds when someone without a transponder comes too close to a vehicle, rather than after the car has been breached.

Type 4: Immobilizing

Immobilizing devices prevent a vehicle from moving once the security has been implemented. This can be either through disengaging the engine unless certain requirements are met, or through locking the engine or braking system to prevent movement. No matter the actual mechanism, these systems make sealing the vehicle extremely difficult.

The Next Generation of Vehicle Locking System

When it comes to keeping our cars safe, there are a lot of options. Not all of these are created equal. In fact, the best security system will often include multiple types, from an alarm to a robust vehicle locking system.

Ideally, you can have an aftermarket car security system that incorporates the best of every system. That’s where the SEER system by VAIS Technology comes in. This completely customizable security system can do it all, from automatically locking and unlocking doors to sounding warning alarms to light activation and engine disengage. Plus, it can be installed on to almost every make and model of vehicle on the road today, including classic rides. If you’re on the market for a security system that includes everything, including an innovative vehicle locking system, then the SEER is right for you.

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2024-05-14 21:35:23