Proximity Door Handle For RAM Truck Loyalists

The community of RAM and JEEP loyalists out there can rest easy when it comes to the security and convenience of their Ram trucks or Jeeps. VAIS Technology helps ensure the safety and security of your ride for both you and your loved ones with our SEER module. If you are looking for Ram Proximity Door Handle to add Passive Entry. We have one for you, but our Passive Entry kit doesn’t stop there. This unique product offering also provides convenience features more commonly seen in luxury passenger cars.

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SEER acts as Proximity Door Handle

SEER’s key tag not only leaves your truck impenetrable, but it means your truck has passive keyless entry and the safety of car doors that automatically unlock for easy access.  VAIS Technology also takes SEER even one step further. SEER’s expanded features allow you to program as many as ten electronic functions that activate in sequence when you approach or leave your truck.

Let’s create a scenario to illustrate just how versatile SEER can be. In this case the SEER system installed in your RAM truck senses the key tab in your pocket as you approach. When you enter a twelve-foot radius of your truck the headlights come on. At five feet out, the it chirps and flashes the turn signals, and then it acts as a proximity door handle – unlocks your truck automatically. Your entry into the truck is safe, smooth, and effortless. In a crowded parking lot your car is easy to find. In a dark parking lot you are not fumbling for your keys.

And it also looks slick.

When you leave your car, the same thing happens in reverse.  You just shut off the ignition and walk away, the system again chirps, and the doors lock, accompanied by a flash of the running lights. You know the car is locked and secure.

Do you want a different scenario when you approach your truck?  Perhaps something involving your interior lights or the LED lights RAM incorporated into the bed of the newer Ram trucks? No problem. SEER is completely programmable. It’s all about choice for your Ram truck.  

How Does This Technology Work act as Proximity Door Handle?

The heart of the system is SEER’s ability to track your location based on the key tag in your pocket. SEER uses low-frequency (LF) technology, allowing it to track your position when you’re away from your Ram. Once you enter “the zone,” though, defined as within 12-feet of the car, high-frequency radio signals take over. At that point, whatever sequence of events you have programmed in will begin.  

VAIS Technology is Committed to Ram Trucks

“We developed SEER technology for people committed to their cars and trucks,” said Dennis Hopper, VP of Sales at VAIS Technology. “This is especially true for Dodge Ram owners, who are brand loyal. So loyal, in fact, then when the rest of the world was in a tailspin in 2020, Ram slipped into the #2 spot in U.S. truck sales.” Hopper adds that part of the popularity of Ram trucks in recent years is the addition of features more commonly found in high-end passenger cars. These include features such as automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, fast-charging USB ports, parking sensors, and active noise cancelation.

“RAM owners like their technology and adding Passive Entry is a must” said Hopper. “SEER adds RAM Proximity Door Handle like functionality plus some more ”

Other Benefits from VAIS

There are systems on the market that use Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication), but their capabilities are not nearly as faultless as SEER. These technologies only recognize the presence of a key tag. Neither technology measures distance. SEER constantly sends out and monitors radio signals, detects how close you are to your car with every step, and activates your selected sequence of events. Bluetooth signals are also more prone to bouncing off high-density objects, such as other cars. This does not happen with SEER.

SEER Protects Your Ram from Sophisticated Thieves

A favorite trick of today’s car thieves is using an electronic monitor to capture the signal between your device and your car and use it to electronically unlock your vehicle when you’re not there. This technique is known as relay attack or remote replay. Trucks coming off the showroom floor are surprisingly vulnerable to this type of theft. Once you have left your Ram truck, a thief can gain access and drive away in your prized vehicle.

SEER provides protection beyond even the latest OEM. You can only access a vehicle equipped with SEER if you have the specific SEER key tag. It is protected by advanced encryption. Relay Attack or Remote Replay is a thing of the past for your Dodge Ram or Jeep truck.

Contact VAIS Technology today to find out more about our amazing line of OEM-grade products to customize your Ram or Jeep truck.

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