Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry Car Kit

Technology moves at blazing speeds when it is being applied to almost any industry, and the automotive industry loves to include new features as soon as they are technically possible. Keyless entry for cars has been a technology around for a while, however not every vehicle has access to it from the lot. Keyless entry for a vehicle is beyond just the use of a fob where pushing a button unlocks your vehicle; instead, you don’t even need to pull out your keys to enter, or even to start the car, in some cases.

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Keyless Entry Car kit PROS:

Ease of Use Improvements: A lot of people, when getting to their car or on the way to their car, have to dig through their pockets to grab the keys. With keyless car entry, you no longer need to do that. Just having the fob nearby will allow you access to your car via just touching the handle or a special button on the door. You may even be able to start it without pulling your keys out if that feature is included.

Added Security: Keyless car entry modules require unique codes to be able to start a car. Those codes are only available on the keyless entry fob linked to your vehicle. Once a key fob has been programmed, it cannot be reprogrammed, so the transponder for your keyless entry only works on your vehicle, deterring thieves. Without your fob, they can’t even start your car.

Auto-Locking: Once a fob has left the range of a vehicle, the vehicle will automatically lock. So you no longer have to worry about whether you left your vehicle unlocked.

Can’t Get Keys Locked In: Since unlocking only requires the keys to be within range of the vehicle, having your keys in your vehicle means you can never accidentally lock them in the vehicle.


Pricing: The biggest hurdle to getting keyless entry and starting with your vehicle is the pricing. If keyless entry doesn’t come with your vehicle, you will need a keyless entry kit. Hence purchasing kits, then having the kit installed into your vehicle. Reprogramming a key fob, if you lose your own, is much pricier than re-cutting and re-coding a key.

Safety Concerns: One of the major safety concerns about keyless entry is that, if you leave your key fob too close to your vehicle and it gets bumped it will unlock your car. To ensure this doesn’t happen, just always be mindful of where you keep your keys. Hang them on the wall, or at least away from high traffic counters.

Consider Passive Keyless Entry Instead

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