Passive Keyless Entry Based on Proximity

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  • Passive Keyless Entry
  • Walk-Away Lock
  • Illuminated Entry and Exit
  • Relay Attack and Remote Replay Protection
  • No Buttons to Press
  • Compatible with most vehicles (may require CAN Bus Bypass module)*

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You deserve to have a convenicence to unlock your car before you touch a handle, walk away to lock it, turn your light as you approach. Or activating any other 10 electronic accessories based on your proximity. That’s why VAIS Technology developed the award-winning Smart Entry-Exit Recognition (SEER) system that equips virtually any model vehicle with sophisticated passive keyless entry kit based on proximity.

Why Use Proximity based Passive Entry?

So why not use SEER for your daily driver and add these modern conveniences with several key benefits, including:

1. VAIS Technology manufactures every component in the SEER system to OEM quality standards. The SEER module is housed in a sturdy metal housing. Cables and connectors are all OEM grade.

2. SEER is unlike other keyless entry kits. It’s expandable and customizable controlling from one to 10 separate electronic functions. The best part is that you can start with three or four functions and expand to others limited only by your own creativity.

3. Your vehicle is customized– so should your keyless entry and keyless start system. Utilizing the SEER Flow Editor allows you to select the specific sequence and timing of all operations controlled by SEER. For example, not only can you define the sequence of door unlock, flash parking lights, and light interior, but you can specify the time between each of these actions. Use your imagination. Your SEER system could potentially trigger anything electrically powered on your car, truck or SUV.

4. You might have read articles online about how thieves can hack into an OEM keyless entry system and steal a vehicle or its contents. That’s because many OEM systems are susceptible to Relay Attack or Remote Replay. The signal between your device and your car is captured and then used to unlock your vehicle without your knowledge or permission. A thief can then steal your possessions or drive away in your car, truck or SUV.


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