Customize your Jeep with Passive Keyless Entry

Whether your Jeep is for off-roading, cruising through the snow, or hauling your camping trailer, boat or dune buggy, it is a point of pride for you. Let’s not forget the off-season, too. It serves double duty, carting the kids to school and sports practice, and as a grocery getter. But withouth Passive Entry it always feels like your Jeep is missing something.

This is why you want to modernize that Jeep with the convenience of Passive Keyless Entry from VAIS Technology. Better yet, this unique product includes VAIS’s exclusive SEER Technology. This feature incorporates keyless entry with smart entry-exit recognition (SEER), making it one all-inclusive product. You get passive entry for your Jeep, the safety of car doors unlocking automatically for easy access, and the security of running lights flashing on and off to identify your car in a crowded parking lot.  In addition to safety, you impress your fellow off-road and Jeep buddies. With the full complement of features made possible from SEER, can also add other electronic activations based on your proximity. You have many choices.

Better than that, this product is designed for Jeeps and Ram trucks from the ‘60s all the way up to brand new models, so if your off-road fascination goes back a few years with your machine, we’ve got you covered.   

Passive Entry the missing 1% of your 99% perfect Jeep

Push-to-start is a commonly found feature on newer Jeeps, but they lack the Passive Entry that VAIS provides, automatically unlocking your doors as you approach. But VAIS Technology doesn’t stop there. SEER technology blends low-frequency (LF) and RFID (radio frequency identification) electronics into a smart system for your Jeep. When you are away, it tracks your distance and knows it must keep your doors locked. As you approach within 15 feet of your Jeep, SEER detects the RFID-outfitted key tag in your pocket. Once you are in “the zone.” SEER switches to high-speed radio frequency (RF), measuring each step with incredible accuracy.

This is the point at which the technology makes your Jeep distinctive, a standout in the crowd. SEER enables you to customize your Jeep. As you draw closer you can select the succession of events you want to initiate. At 15 feet, you may want your running lights to flash on and off, and add a chirp. Then at ten feet, your interior lights come on. At five feet, the doors unlock.  At three feet, the sound system starts inside. The sequence of events is all up to you, with a choice of controlling up to ten electronic functions with SEER.

Most people know quality when they see it, too. This innovative piece of aftermarket technology won the SEMA New Product Award for 2020

Starting Your Jeep with the Press of a Button

Of course, once inside the Jeep you get all the benefits of push-button activation. The engine starts with a simple press of a button. You never need to remove the keys or key tag from your pocket. This is true convenience. Best of all, no one can open or start your Jeep but you. If you don’t have a Push Button Start we can solve that issue too.

What happens when you arrive at your destination? It’s based on your personal preferences, but it’s just as easy. You turn off the engine with a push of the button, get out, and walk away. The lights go off and the doors lock. Many owners prefer to program the system so that it sounds a chirp when the locks activate. Your car is secure, and you never did anything. Better yet, it is audibly confirmed. An hour later you are not questioning yourself, wondering if you locked your car. It happens automatically.

SEER Provides You with More

SEER also allows you even more customization. You get to ask yourself the question, in regards to your Jeep, “if this, than that,” also known as IFTTT.  IFTTT is a computer function in SEER allowing you to program “recipes” to prompt certain activities when something else happens.

What does that mean? Let’s say you open your tailgate. SEER detects that and automatically turns on the bed light. You can also program SEER to be a starter kill switch.

Better than Bluetooth

SEER is far more efficient than Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication). When detecting a device on the system, these technologies only recognize its presence. Neither technology measures distance. On the other hand, SEER is constantly sending out and monitoring radio signals, detecting how close you are to your car with every step. Bluetooth signals are also more prone to bouncing off high-density objects, such as other cars. Not so with SEER.

The Benefits of Passive Entry for your Jeep Just Keep on Coming

There are also other benefits to the Passive Keyless Entry Kit from VAIS Technology.  Today’s car thieves use relay attack or remote replay, techniques in which they use a device to capture the signal between your device and your car and then replay it later to unlock your vehicle when you’re not there. They can steal your Jeep or your valuable possessions inside of it. This vulnerability is common in OEM systems rolling off the showroom floor.

SEER uses advanced encryption technology to prevent relay attacks and remote replay, something the OEMs do not offer. You can only access a vehicle equipped with SEER if you have the specific SEER tag with you.

VAIS Technology Gives you the Best

All designs from VAIS Technology are developed to OEM standards of craftsmanship and materials. VAIS products work as if your Jeep still has the window sticker. They are just as reliable.

Contact VAIS Technology today to find out more about our amazing line of OEM-grade products to customize your car.

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