It’s Easy To Install Satellite Radio To Your Factory Radio With VAIS Adapters

Our Unique design allows for easy install of satellite radio to your factory radio connects to your USB port and shows up on the factory screen. This allows you to add SiriusXM® satellite radio to your vehicle without the challenge of replacing the original factory stereo. There are other benefits as well:

  • Complete integration with factory radio and steering wheel controls
  • Browse by Channels, Categories, or Presets using factory controls
  • No extra wires, receivers, etc. to clutter your dash

Satellite Radio adapter Install Is Easy

Why Use A VAIS Adapter Kit To Add SiriusXM To Your Factory Radio?

Add SiriusXM To Your Original Factory Radio

You can use your factory steering wheel controls, so your eyes stay on the road.




Use Your Factory Radio To Browse SiriusXM

  • Browse your favorite channels and categories using factory radio controls
  • Add up to 36 presets



No Dash Clutter And You Get To Keep Your Factory Radio!

The unit connects behind the dash or via USB, so everything stays hidden.

If you need help installing the adapter we have a list of installation shops we work with to help you add the kit to your vehicle. To search for a dealer near by click here

If you need any assistance to install satellite radio in your vehicle, contact our support. We have techs on stand by to assist you with any questions you may have.

2024-05-14 21:26:51