How To Customize and Create Your Own Flow Logic with SEER

There are five main steps involved in setting up and installing SEER on a vehicle:

  1. Go to and register or log in
  2. Create or customize your logic flow on
  3. Download the SEER Assistant app for either Android or iOS
  4. Upload the logic flow to the SEER unit installed in the vehicle
  5. Verify functionality

While there are several standard flows available, flow customization is possible and is explained in detail below.

NOTE: If you’re going to use a standard template on your SEER device, you can skip programming completely. Standard templates are pre-loaded on SEER devices.

Creating A Custom SEER Flow

The SEER Flow Editor is the tool you’ll use to customize and program SEER. As you’ll see in the videos below, the Flow Editor allows for nearly any proximity based automation sequence you can imagine.

Key Concepts in SEER Flow Programming

A SEER programming “flow” is a collection of sequences, each of which is a chain of input, event, action, and/or output nodes.

  • Nodes are inputs, events, actions, delays, or outputs
  • Nodes are linked together into a sequence
  • A group of sequences is a flow

There are five main types of nodes:

  • Inputs are wired or proximity signals sent to the SEER unit
  • Events are configurable state change of input or proximity that link “inputs” to “actions”
  • Actions are operations generated by SEER to corresponding Outputs. Actions are result of the Event.
  • Outputs are wired connection to vehicle or accessory such lights, locks, running boards, and etc.
  • Delays and Timers are there to allow additional customization

As you can see in the video below, a flow for a single vehicle visualy can get somewhat complicated. However, when you follow each sequence in the flow, you’ll see that everything is very straightforward.

Tips and Tricks For Creating Your SEER Flow

First and foremost, it’s important to note that several templates are available from VAIS. Custom programming does not necessarily require a lot of time or effort – it may be as simple as customizing a couple of VAIS provided templates.

Second, the SEER programming interface has been configured to guide you through sequence creation. If you follow the guides, your sequences should work as expected the first time you test them.

This video explains more.

Uploading Your Flow To Your SEER Unit

This video explains the upload process – moving your SEER Flow from the VaisTech app to the SEER device itself.

Finally, if you have questions about customizing your SEER device, please contact us.

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