GM SiriusXM Upgrade Kits that fit most Chevrolet and GMC models.

Do you want to add SiriusXM to your GM vehicle? If so, you may have heard that GM offered an XM radio upgrade kit.

GM radio

GM recently stopped selling the the kit, but you can find a few for sale in other marketplaces. That kit allows you to add SiriusXM to your factory radio without any dash clutter. It’s a pretty neat upgrade for some GM vehicles. It’s a much better and more reliable solution than:

  • Sticking a stand-alone radio to the dash and then running some wires
  • Using an AUX adapter kit to rig up a satellite radio receiver

A Little Bit About The GM XM Radio Upgrade Kit

The GM XM radio upgrade kit includes these parts:

  • OEM GM XM radio module
  • Plug & play T-harness
  • Generic XM radio antenna with a magnetic base

The kit brings several benefits:

  • No dash clutter: The kit is installed behind the dash. That means there are no wires and stand-alone devices cluttering up the dash.
  • Compatibility with the factory radio controls: The kit brings SiriusXM to the factory stereo. So you can control the volume, channels, etc. with your factory controls, even those on your steering wheel.

The GM SiriusXM upgrade kit is a great product but hard to find and not applicable to the newest car models. We loved it so much that we rolled out a more available and affordable solution. It offers the same benefits as the GM SiriusXM upgrade kit. Unless you really want and can find the official GM satellite radio add-on, the VAIS satellite radio adapter kit has what you need at a better price and covers many newer models.

The VAIS Satellite Radio Adapter

SiriusXM satellite radio Add on kit for KIA

VAIS satellite radio adapter kits work the same as the factory GM kit, but they are easy to find and cost less. Also, our kits are compatible with more models than the GM kit.

Our kits include all the hardware, wires, and instructions needed for a smooth installation. They bring some perks:

  • No dash clutter
  • Seamless integration with factory radio and steering wheel controls
  • More affordable than the factory GM kit
  • OEM quality product

If you own one of the following GM/Chevrolet models, you should consider getting a VAIS satellite radio adapter kit.

  • Acadia
  • Brazer
  • Camaro
  • Colorado
  • Canyon
  • Cruze
  • Equinox
  • Malibu
  • Silverado
  • Sierra
  • Sonic
  • Spark
  • Suburban
  • Tahoe
  • Terrain
  • Traverse
  • Trax

Learn more about VAIS satellite radio adapter kits today!

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2024-07-18 18:50:23