Car Ambient Lighting Done Right

There are no shortage of Car Ambient Lights solutions these days. You can find them online: cheap, cruddy and disposable. The word “janky” was invented for just these kind of setups. But where do you find quality ambient ambient car lighting that you’ll enjoy for years to come?

VAIS Technology, of course. We have car ambient lights made for people who love their vehicles and want awesome, customizable ambient lighting. Our solution is also very affordable, so you can get the pleasing car atmosphere you want without breaking the bank.

Fiber Optics Based System

Here’s how the ambient ambient lighting system from VAIS Technology works and what it includes. First, these aren’t cheap plastic LEDs connected by wires so thin they break when you try to route them. The VAIS system is all based on fiber optics, which means our cables are both small and easy to hide, plus robust enough to last for years. This is professional grade equipment.

The fiber-optic cables all connect to a central ECU module that you control wirelessly with an app on your phone. The ECU is about the size of a paperback book and is easy to mount in a hidden place: behind the dash, under the console or under a seat. You can place it in a spot that is inaccessible because there is no need to interact with it once the system is installed — you’ll control everything from your phone.

Car Ambient Lighting with RGBW LEDs

The LEDs we use in our system are RGBW lights, which is a 4-in-1 design that adds white to the usual red, green and blue outputs. This gives you more choices in choosing both colors and brightness for your car ambient lights. You can literally move your finger on the color wheel built into the phone app until you find the vibe that fits your custom ride. The benefit of this type of lights is more options for color adjustment and the ability to quickly adjust them from a low, subtle glow to ultra-bright. The setup is customizable, you can change it as often as you like.

The light output side of this system is waterproof, so you can mount the lights in places that might get damp. You don’t need to worry about shorting out your entire system when you run your vehicle through the car wash or drive through a puddle.

With our standard system, you get six lights to install in strategic places throughout your car. You can install these wherever you like, but here’s a good layout to start with your car ambient lighting plan:

  • Put two lights in the front footwells
  • Install one light in the center console
  • Put one light in the cup holder area
  • Install the last two lights in the rear foot wells

Triggerred by Headlights and Dome Light

This is a custom ambient car lighting solution, so you have options on how to trigger the lights when you install everything. You can connect the lights to your dome light or the headlight switch — or both if you like. You don’t have to install an ugly switch somewhere on your dash or keep a tiny plastic remote control in your console like the cheapo systems. Our car ambient lights system is integrated seamlessly into the ambient of your car, so it looks both incredibly custom and like it’s always been there. That’s how we roll at VAIS Technology – our systems make your car friends say you always do everything right: high quality, plenty of style and an invisible installation that looks like it was made to be there.

Once everything is installed, you control the color and the brightness of your interior ambient lights with our smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android devices). What’s more, you can set up separate zones when you install the system so you can change color and brightness for different regions in your car. The app is so easy to use that your friends and significant other will all want to take over the controls. If your girlfriend wants to dial up pink lighting, she can do so in a heartbeat.

Car Ambient Lighting are App Controlled

You can change the mood inside your car whenever you like. Want a fiery red glow when you’re cruising with the windows rolled down? Awesome. Looking for a subtle blue glow while you listen to some mellow date night tunes? Done. Want eerie green lighting while you take in a science fiction double feature at the retro drive-in? Easy. Need bright white light to help locate your wife’s earring that she lost somewhere in your car? Yep, you can do that, too (it happens, we’ve all been there).

Our system provides such a high-end car interior ambient lighting experience that it recently was awarded runner-up in the 2022 Best Mobile Electronics Product category at SEMA. You’ll love it, your family will love it and your friends will ask how you did it. You don’t have to tell them how easy it was. Order your professional-grade system now and light up your ride like the pros do.

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