Add Push Button Start Kit with Passive Keyless Entry a Classic and keep the key in your pocket!

If you’re looking to upgrade to Push Button Start Kit for Classic Car, we can do you one better. Our kit also comes with Passive Keyless Entry based on Proximity. So, beyond being able to start your engine with just the push of a button, you’ll also get the magical experience of being able to walk up to your ride and have the doors unlock and lights go on automatically – based on your proximity. Of course, when you exit your car and walk away, the system will lock up for you as well.

These two amazing features are sure to impress your friends, all while giving you extra security and the convenience of never having to take your keys out of your pockets! And if you have an old-school steering column, never fear. VAIS Technology will work with our partner IDIDIT to get your Push to Start button integrated seamlessly.

What is this?

Passive Keyless Entry and Push to Start are a power-packed combination. With Passive Keyless Entry, your vehicle detects your keytag as you approach and automatically unlocks your doors and switches on your lights. Once you’re inside the vehicle, your starter works the same way they do on high-end luxury cars. You just put your foot on the brake, press the Push to Start button and your engine roars to life.

When you reach your destination, you do everything in reverse. After you park, you push the button to stop the engine, exit the car and just walk away as the system shuts off lights and locks up for you. If you like, a simple beep sound can be added for confirmation.

Does adding a Push Button Start Kit for Classic Cars mean I have to cut a hole in my dash?

Nope. We have two different options for our Keyless Start Keyless Entry kit button. One of these is a metal button that is a direct replacement for your original, keyed ignition switch. This can be used in the original location (in the steering column or the dash). Adding this starter button is a subtle upgrade that makes a big difference – many people won’t even notice it until you slide into the driver’s seat and start the car without ever inserting the key.

We also offer a high-quality plastic button that integrates well with nearly any dashboard and looks similar to those you find in luxury cars. Where you install it is up to you, but suffice it to say it can be done in a way that looks stock, so it’s sure to impress.

Why would I want a Keyless Ignition?

The magic and total convenience of keyless entry speaks for itself – especially in parking lots at night. But Push to Start offers some real advantages of its own. Here are just a few:

  • Thieves are on the lookout for cars they can hotwire. Push-button starts provide modern-day theft protection that takes your ride out of the ‘easy to steal’ category.
  • Starting your car with one finger is easy! If you strain your wrists working on cars a lot, it keeps you from aggravating your carpal tunnel syndrome. Seriously, this is a real thing.
  • You can’t break your key off in a door or the ignition. It’s not a good day when your key can’t be extracted with a pair of needle nose pliers. (It happened to my cousin Dave.)
  • It’s a cool easter egg that will shock and dismay your car friends when they realize you have one upped them again. (Yeah!)

So can anyone sit in the driver’s seat and start my car by simply pushing the button?

No, not at all. Never. This isn’t like a World War Two Jeep that anyone could start with their foot. The start button only works if you have the keytag with you. Your car only starts when YOU are in the driver’s seat.

Do I need to host a late-night talk show to afford this? Does it require custom work to install?

No and no. Adding Passive Keyless Entry and Push to Start to your car will not require taking out an additional mortgage on your home. In fact, installation can be as straightforward as you want it to be. If you install it in your dash, it’s a no brainer. If you install it in your steering column, it’s a little more involved but still fairly plug and play. That said, perhaps you’re that eccentric type who wants to hide the button in a secret door behind a vintage gold-plated clock. You might want to get some help with that.

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