Return Policy


We hate return hassles as much as anyone. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make the whole process as smooth as a freshly paved road.

If you have a return or just want to understand our returns policy before you order, please look over the 12 simple return policy rules below. Most of these are obvious, but we want to spell them out.

1. Returns must be made within 30 days of shipment date. We can offer no exceptions to this rule. Sorry!

2. All returns must include original receipt and RA#. Print out your original receipt, write the RA# assigned on the return, and send your item(s) back to our main address.

3. We can’t accept any returns on the following items:

  • Custom-ordered parts
  • Open video or software products
  • Parts we didn’t sell, counterfeit parts from eBay, etc.

4. What if I didn’t purchase the part, but I want to return or exchange it? Unfortunately we can’t offer a refund without an original receipt. However, it’s usually no problem to work out an exchange. Please contact us.

5. Shipping costs can’t be refunded, and return shipping costs won’t be covered either (unless you received the wrong part and it’s our fault).

6. Unless there is a valid warranty issue, we can’t take back used parts. If there is a warranty issue, we will work something out with you via phone or email first.

7. A restocking fee of 15% may apply to your order.

8. If your item is damaged upon receipt, contact us immediately. If you order parts from us and they’re damaged during shipping, we will get you replacements as long as:

  • You let us know about the damaged item within 3 days. That way, we can contact the shipping company and get reimbursed. If we don’t notify the shipping company immediately, we can’t get reimbursed and therefor can’t offer a replacement.
  • Keep the damaged parts until UPS can inspect them. We normally need to show the shipping company the damaged packages so they can inspect them, and then return them to us. If you don’t keep the damaged boxes and/or don’t make them available for inspection, then you will not receive a refund or a replacement.

9. All returns are subject to inspection. Any part that shows was used or installed the wrong way, or subjected to improper handling, packaging, or shipping by the customer will not be eligible for an exchange, refund, or warranty.

10. We strongly suggest returning your parts via UPS ground or FedEx and insuring your package. That way, should something happen to your shipment, you’ll be covered. It’s usually not more than a few dollars, and well worth it when returning expensive parts.

11. How long does the whole return process take? Returns are usually processed in one week or less. Busy times of year, like holidays or during sales, might require additional time. If you don’t hear from us after 5 business days, feel free to call or email for a status update.

12. How do I receive an RA # for return? If you have checked off everything above this, give us a call during our business hours and we will be happy to get you a return authorization number! (Returns without this on the outside of the box, will not be accepted. We want to ensure your product becomes your refund!)

Once your return is processed, allow another 2-3 business days for our banks to credit your account.

2023-03-15 19:16:48