Push Start Button Kit Designed for Classic Cars, Works with Many.

The Push Button Start Kit from VAIS Technology is a keyless ignition switch with passive keyless entry. It is the perfect addition to any classic car, or any ride, for that matter.

Whether you own a vintage muscle car or carefully researched, found, and purchased a more recent model, one that has been treated with tender loving care (and is probably a future classic), you still want to outfit it with the best in security and convenience. The Push Button Start Kit from VAIS Technology, incorporating keyless entry with smart entry-exit recognition (SEER), provides both in one all-inclusive product. You achieve keyless entry, the safety of car doors that automatically unlock for easy access, and the security of running lights that flash on and off to identify your car in a crowded parking lot.

Better yet, the Push Button Start Kit is also incorporated into custom products by IDIDIT, a major source for steering columns for street rods and other custom cars. So at the next rod run, you’ll have a new level of convenience and security and look cool at the same time.

Add Push To Start

A Look at SEER Technology Up Close

Remember the SEER technology we talked about a few paragraphs ago? Well, there is no getting past its capabilities. SEER uses low-frequency (LF) technology, allowing it to track your position when you’re away from the car. It does this based on the SEER system’s reading of the proximity of the RFID-outfitted key tag in your pocket.  When you return to your vehicle and approach ‘the zone,” SEER switches to high-speed radio frequency (RF), measuring each step with incredible accuracy.

This is where it gets slick. As you approach your car senses the key tab in your pocket. The initiates a chirp, a flash of the lights, and the doors unlock automatically. Once you get in and put your foot on the brake the light on the START button turns green, allowing you to start the car. When you arrive at your destination, shut the car off and walk away. The system again chirps, accompanied by a flash of the running light, letting you know the car is locked.

Starting the Car with the Press of a Button

Once inside the car, you start the engine with a simple press of a button. And in case you didn’t notice, at no time have you ever removed the keys or key tag from your pocket. SEER monitors and initiates everything.

The start button position is absolutely your choice. You can locate it in place of the standard key mechanism on the column or on the dash (a popular spot). Or you can choose a custom place for it, somewhere so discreet that only you know where it’s located.

What happens when you arrive at your destination? Again, it’s up to you and how you want the system programmed, but it’s just as easy. You stop the engine with a push of the button, get out, and walk away. The lights automatically go off, and the doors lock. You can even program the system to sound a chirp to confirm the lock activation. Your car is secure, and you never did anything.  There is no wondering an hour later if you locked your car. It happened automatically.

The Push Button Start Kit from VAIS Technology works with a wide variety of cars. From late models all the way back to the classic muscle cars of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. It provides that added touch for car owners who want to have that ride that incorporates the perfect blend of retro styling and modern technology.

The Benefits From VAIS Technology Keep on Coming

There are also other benefits to the Push Button Start Kit from VAIS Technology.  Today’s car thieves can capture the signal between your device and your car and use it to electronically unlock your vehicle when you’re not there. This is referred to as a Relay Attack or Remote Replay. A thief can then steal your possessions or drive away in your prized vehicle. This vulnerability is common in OEM systems right off the showroom floor.

SEER provides protection beyond even the latest OEM systems by implementing advanced encryption technologies to prevent Relay Attacks and Remote Replay. You can only access a vehicle equipped with SEER if you have the specific SEER tag with you.

Other Benefits of Push Button Start from VAIS

SEER is far more efficient than Bluetooth or NFC (near-field communication). When detecting a device on the system, these technologies only recognize its presence. Neither technology measures distance. On the other hand, SEER is constantly sending out and monitoring radio signals, detecting how close you are to your car with every step. Bluetooth signals are also more prone to bouncing off high-density objects, such as other cars. Not so with SEER.

Other Vital Uses for Push Button Start

Push Button Start from VAIS is also an ideal addition for emergency vehicles. As well as companies that operate fleets of repair and service vehicles. All of VAIS Technology designs are developed to OEM standards of craftsmanship and materials,verything works as if it just came off the showroom floor. They are just as reliable.

Contact VAIS Technology today to find out more about our amazing line of OEM-grade products to customize your car.

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