New Car With No Satellite Radio And No AUX Input? Here’s How You Fix It

Believe it or not, many auto manufacturers choose to outfit their new cars without modern options like satellite radio or AUX inputs. If you’re among the unlucky few stuck without high-quality radio or streaming capabilities, there’s hope! Companies like VAIS Technology provide these amenities, and we’re here to help upgrade your audio system.

Adding Satellite Radio

There are a couple of ways you can add satellite radio to your vehicle.

1. Add a cheap adapter kit. The kit should include a satellite radio in a box, a dash mount, a wire that goes into your dash, and then another wire that plugs into a cigarette lighter.

2. Add a factory-style adapter kit that goes behind the dash. This plugs into the back of your stereo and functions like a factory-installed satellite radio.

The first way is straightforward. It involves purchasing an aftermarket satellite radio and an adapter to connect the radio to the factory stereo.

These kits require a spot to mount the satellite radio and somewhere to plug it in. That’s why satellite radio kits usually come with a cigarette lighter plugin and a dash mount. Once it’s all plugged in, you need an FM modulator to transmit the satellite radio through the FM frequency.

Dash Clutter from aftermarket installs

Make your dash look like 1998 by adding a bunch of clutter! Or, get a plug-and-play unit from VAIS for a clean, modern look.

Aside from being eyesores, these kits tend to be finicky since you’re hearing the satellite radio through a very short range FM radio station. You lose the high-quality sound associated with satellite radio.

Another problem? When you want to change stations, you have to use the box. Your factory stereo controls – including your steering wheel controls – won’t work.

The second way – the factory style hookup that goes behind the dash – offers better sound, full compatibility with your existing stereo controls (including steering wheel controls), and no dash clutter.

No dash clutter satellite radio

At VAIS Technology, we’ve developed a system for connecting satellite radio to OEM factory stereos. With our kits, you receive the top-quality sound you’d expect from satellite radio without the wires, modulators, and frustration that comes with other kits. Plus, you can use your factory stereo controls just like you would your radio or CD player without compromising quality. Here’s a quick rundown of why a VAIS add-on kit is the best choice for you:

  • No wires strewn across your dash. You won’t just get a clean sound but a clean look, too.
  • No mounting a separate satellite tuner to your dash. These are hard to operate and unsightly.
  • The factory stereo will show your satellite station, and the factory stereo controls (even the controls on the steering wheel) can still adjust stations.
  • No FM modulators! This means better overall quality.

Why Do People Go With The Box, The Wires, And The FM Transmitter?

When you consider all the problems with mounting an external satellite receiver on your dash, plugging it into the cigarette lighter, and then powering up a little FM transmitter, it’s fair to wonder why anyone would go this route.

One reason? Money. It’s a cheap way to add satellite, even if it is clunky. We can understand this reasoning, only we’d argue that the cost savings isn’t much if you count the time spent installing and then operating one of these systems day-to-day.

SL3 Toyota satellite radio

Another reason? Making a plug-and-play satellite radio adapter kit that works with a factory stereo system is hard. It takes a lot of specialized knowledge and experience to design a functional adapter. VAIS Technology is one of the only companies offering this type of product. That’s because it’s challenging to design and engineer this type of kit.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our satellite radio adapter kits. Be sure to look over our reviews too, so you can see how much our customers love our products.

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