3 Ways You Can Add An Automatic Cargo Light To Your Truck

Truck cargo lights are one of those incredible features that you can’t imagine life without once you use them. A truck bed cargo light illuminates the truck bed, which comes in quite useful when it’s dark outside.

If your truck doesn’t have a cargo light built in, or it’s not bright enough, we have good news. There are ways to add an automatic cargo light to your truck:

1. Install A Cargo Light And A Tailgate Switch

Truck bed light

Image Credit: Ranger5g

This is the most basic solution. This solution calls for you to:

  1. Install a cargo light in your truck bed
  2. Install a switch in the tailgate
  3. Connect the cargo light to the motion switch

Every time you open the tailgate, the light comes on. When you close the tailgate, the light goes off. It’s a simple solution, but it’s not always convenient. For instance, the cargo light will only stay on as long as the tailgate is open. If you need to look for something in your truck bed, you’ll have to open the tailgate to illuminate the cargo light. That can be a hassle.

2. Install A Motion Activated Truck Bed Light

Motion activated truck bed lights are another popular solution. You can mount motion activated lights in your truck bed. There are two types of motion activated lights for truck beds:

  1. Battery-operated motion activated lights
  2. Motion activated lights that can be wired to your truck

The technology will illuminate the lights when it senses motion. That means you can activate the cargo light when you wave over the motion sensor(s). You won’t need to open the tailgate to activate the light. The drawback to these is they don’t always work when it’s cold. If you’re wearing a heavy jacket and gloves, the sensor may not always detect heat from your body, and won’t activate the light.

3. Automatically Activate Your Existing Cargo Light With SEER


This is the most advanced and streamlined solution in this list. All you need to do is install SEER. Next, connect the cargo light to SEER and then program it to activate the cargo light. SEER can do this in two ways:

  • SEER can turn on the light when you approach the truck, and turn it off when you walk away.
  • SEER can turn on the light when you open the tailgate, and turn it off when you close the tailgate.

One big benefit of using SEER to activate your cargo light, is that you’re using an OE quality light. There are motion switched light kits and tailgate switched light kits like those mentioned above that are good quality products. But many are not, and it’s hard to tell the difference before you’ve spent your money.

SEER can also do much more than just automating the cargo light in your truck. It can do many other things, too. It’s an advanced keyless entry system that exists to automate as many things as possible. Here’s how SEER works:

  1. Install the SEER Control Unit (SCU) in your truck – the SCU connects to your truck’s wiring.
  2. Program the SCU to automate all the things you want on your truck (like the cargo lights).
  3. Keep a SEER key tag on your person at all times. SEER will detect your proximity and/or movements to automate your truck however you want.

Some of the more common ways to automate your truck with SEER include:

  • Unlocking the truck as you approach it and locking it as you leave the truck
  • Turning on the lights as you approach the truck and turning them off as you leave the truck
  • This includes the cargo light
  • Closing all the windows if SEER detects rain
  • Opening all the windows as you approach so heat can leave the cab.
  • Automating aftermarket electronic accessories
  • Activating or deactivating the power folding mirrors and/or power folding steps based on your proximity
  • Locking or unlocking your toolbox
  • More

You’ll get so much more value out of SEER than any other solution in this list. Learn more about SEER today!

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